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 from TOA Canada

Posted by Émilie Hébert

August 7, 2012 at 11:30 AM

All Powered by Rechargeable Batteries

As a TOA Canada Corporation reseller, CBCI Telecom is happy to inform you of its addition of TOA’s new 5000 Series product line models.

TOA Canada Rechargeable Microphone SystemThe New 5000 Series Models

All powered by rechargeable batteries, the product line has now been joined by:

  • Two new handheld microphones and a portable receiver.
  • A WM-5325 wireless transmitter
  • The new WM-5265 vocal microphone and the WM-5225 speech microphone, which maintain the Series' high performance standards while lowering operating costs.

What are the benefits of using Rechargeable Batteries?

The ability to use rechargeable batteries permits up to 13 hours continuous use before recharging. Offering also a selection of three new high-efficiency battery chargers for 2, 6 or 12 batteries and a single-battery microphone add further flexibility to the product line-up.

The New features of the Wireless Transmitter

The WM-5325 UHF wireless transmitter is now delivered as a stand-alone unit capable of operation with various TOA microphones, including the YP-M5300 unidirectional and YP-M5100 omnidirectional lavaliere microphones. It also operates with the WH-4000H, WH-4000A, Q-HM-22 and Q-EM-77 headset microphones. The newly developed WT-5100 compact portable receiver and YP-E5000 ear-suspension earphone, serve as ideal tools for school, theater, museum, zoo and other narration-assisted applications.

All the UHF wireless microphone tuners in the TOA 5000 Series employs phase locked loop (PLL) synthesis for remarkably stable performance. Their reliable wide-area coverage permits use of up to 16 microphones within a radius of up to 120 meters from the YW-4500 UHF wireless antenna.

Other features include TOA true diversity (WT-5800) or space diversity (WT-5805) circuitry, a usable frequencies scanning and vacant channel search function, a double super-heterodyne receiving system and a tone squelch function to mute unwanted noise. Each of the three 5000 Series tuners also offers a separately configured range of additional features to satisfy different users' particular needs. The WT-4820 2-channel wireless tuner, which operates on 12V-18V DC power, rounds out the tuner line-up.

This product line is also available for purchase in kits including 2 handheld kit options, 2 lavaliere kit options and a headset kit.

Access the UHF Wireless Microphone System Brochure

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Please note that the following product codes will be discontinued: 
WM-5220, WM-5320, WM-5320H, WM-5320A, WS-5200, WS-5300, WS-5300H, WM-4200 and WM-4210. Please check with customer service for available stock as quantities are now limited. 

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