[Product Update] SMART Announces Freestorm™ Visual Collaboration Solutions

Posted by Tory Ramsay

May 2, 2012 at 7:45 AM

SMART business products transform meetings into enhanced collaborative experiences

Another great announcement from SMART. Freestorm visual collaboration solutions, a set of comprehensive business products that combines industry-leading interactive displays, intuitive collaboration software and remote collaboration tools. They include the new SMART Board® 8055i interactive flat panel – the world’s first large-format interactive display to offer presence detection – SMART Meeting Pro™ 3.0 software with new SMART Ink™ and Bridgit® 4.5 conferencing software.describe the image

Each Freestorm system is also designed to work seamlessly with a variety of third-party remote collaboration tools and can be integrated with various industry-specific applications for a comprehensive, easy-to-use collaboration solution. Freestorm also includes training resources, services and support to ensure organizations get the most from their SMART products.

Watch this video to see how Freestorm visual collaboration solutions can transform the way people do business.

Freestorm product features

  • SMART Board 8055i interactive flat panel display – The first large-format interactive display with presence detection. Its multi-touch surface supports freestyle interaction, touch gestures and object awareness. The pen, ink controls, eraser, volume control and input selection are all easily accessible on the front of the display.
  • SMART Meeting Pro 3.0 software – Integration with Microsoft® Exchange for access to meeting productivity tools, such as a meeting progress bar, an extend-meeting function and e-mail distribution, and a business content gallery.
  • Bridgit 4.5 conferencing software – The ability to resize video windows and viewer screens to suit the remote participant’s screen resolution or size and to automatically join meetings through SMART Meeting Pro. The software also includes features that enable remote participants to virtually knock to join a meeting and raise their hand to ask questions without disrupting the flow of the meeting. Existing features include multi-touch support, two-way inking and the ability for remote users to see multiple shared screens.

 Pricing and availability

The suggested list price for the SMART Board 8055i interactive flat panel with SMART Meeting Pro 3.0 software is US$6,999 in the United States. The suggested list price for Bridgit 4.5 conferencing software including licensing for 500 concurrent users is US$12,999 in the United States. Prices outside the United States vary by country and may include applicable taxes, duties and import costs. SMART Meeting Pro 3.0 software and Bridgit 4.5 software will be available globally April 2, 2012. The SMART Board 8055i interactive flat panel is expected to begin shipping globally in August 2012.  

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Reference Press Release: SMART

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